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AI-Powered Chatbots

Innovative services for agencies and enterprises.


Ian H Smith

With our Software Lab, we are offering digital agencies innovative 'White Label' services, creating 'AI-Powered Chatbots' for Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail and Travel industries.


A 'Chatbot' is a machine that has a conversation with humans via text or audio. An 'AI-Powered Chatbot' is a smarter version, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to better understand the intent of the human, and in turn, deliver a more natural, relevant communication.

Through leveraging Deep Learning, Voice Recognition, Big Data, and Cognitive Computing technologies, we deliver multi-lingual Chatbots capable of understanding, not only human requests, but also interests and sentiments. As a result, your customised virtual assistant can build natural conversation flows, recognise sales opportunities and engage potential customers in a new, preferred way.

Key Business Benefits

  • Automated common business processes and operations.
  • Improved customer engagement and retention.
  • Higher trust due to better communication and faster response times.
  • Decreased customer support costs and reduced customer churn.
  • Collecting and organising key customer information from integrated data sources.
  • Integration with any social media platform and core business systems.

Key Challenges Met

  • Engage consumers and speed-up their acquisition – smoother on-boarding process and improved acquisition time.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – immediate responses to complaints, inquiries, propositions.
  • Boost customer retention and reactivation – personalised suggestions and notifications in an interactive form.
  • Enable up-selling and cross-selling – based on collection and interpretation of customer data to suggest further buys.

Key Industry Solutions

Finance Services Chatbot
Provides information on personal bank accounts, balance, credit limit, bank’s services and products and transaction history. Reports on accruals, expenses, calculating and applying for a mortgage or loan. Sends notifications on upcoming payments; helps to pay bills instantly and conducts money transfers.

Insurance Chatbot
Provides insurance plans comparison, clarifies the company’s specific policies, assists customers with filling and submission of insurance applications. 24/7 customer support to address common issues, claims and process requests for insurance renewal, etc.

Healthcare Chatbot
Customised to the needs of hospital doctors, GPs, pharmacists, or patients, the Chatbot can set an appointment and send reminders; help medics to collect and organise patient data. Based on the patient’s symptoms, it can suggest a preliminary diagnosis and self-care recommendations or referring to a specialist, as appropriate.

Retail Chatbot
Connects to prospects, assists with online store navigation, sends reminders about the abandoned items; simplifies a product/service purchase in the app. Sends shipping/delivery notifications, best daily deals and coupons, improves up-selling, cross-selling and remarketing.

Travel Chatbot
Helps users find and book the most suitable flight/train/bus tickets and suggests a weather forecast for the selected destination. Sends notifications on changes and upcoming trips. Assists in booking a car or a room, buying entrance tickets to museums and theatres, and reserving a table at the restaurant, etc.

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