Deliverables, Not Hours

Salesforce innovation where Fierce Reduction drives value.


Ian H Smith

If you pay your Salesforce services provider on a billable hours model, what happens? I will tell you what happens: you incentivise them to maximise those hours. Make sense? Absolutely not. There is a better way. It's called Salesforce Deliverables, Not Hours.

At Being Guided I engage with customers by being paid on Deliverables, Not Hours. This is means that every person in our team engaged in digital innovations with Salesforce technology gets paid for what they do, not how long they take to do it.

Net result? The behaviour moves from Complex Thinking to Fierce Reduction. Our teams are motivated to simplify everything. To apply Design Thinking in pursuit of truth, which is crucial to know exactly what we are signing up to as a fixed-price outcome.

To achieve truth, we firstly need to achieve receptivity, rapport then trust - in that order. The first step in Design Thinking is Empathize. Through Empathy Mapping I see all stakeholders warming to digital innovation concepts with Salesforce that may not be comfortable on day one. It is key to defeating fear and resistance to change within the organisation.

Through applying Fierce Reduction and being paid on Deliverables, Not Hours, our expert team are incentivised to measurably achieve a More for Less outcome. For Salesforce digital innovations this means simplifying every aspect of a process or set of tasks. It means less going on at every level of tech architecture: presentation layer; business logic layer; and, data layer.

Our Proven Success

In summary, if you want to increase sales effectiveness with Salesforce Sales Cloud, let's set-up a free Discovery Workshop to provide you with a fixed-price offer. It's called Salesforce Deliverables, Not Hours. And where has this worked? The fast-growing private hospitals of the UK NHS and the UK's disrupter of automotive dealer finance: Haydock.

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