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Deliverables, Not Hours

Fixed-price Salesforce innovations that you can trust.


Ian H Smith

As an independent consultant, working within the 'Salesforce ecosystem' I am often asked about my 'hourly rate' or 'day rate'. Of course, most consultants deliver Salesforce Sales Cloud, Services Cloud and Lightning Platform on a 'meter', but I think that there is a better way than measuring time. It's being Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours.

How It Works

Being Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours means that I engage on the basis of being paid every month against Acceptance of Deliverables from Sprints defined in a detailed Statement of Work ("SoW"). This means that an iterative cycle of Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver leads to highly predictable costs and a strong sense of value exchanged over the life of an Engagement.

Each Deliverable is carefuly and cleared described in words and images to remove any doubt in relation to defining Acceptance. Given the obvious need for a monthly income, I typically co-create a SoW that has one or two Sprints and related Deliverables inside each month cycle. But Deliverables can cost as little as UK£1,000 (US$1,500) - so a small start works too.

Solving Problems, Fast

I have had extensive experience of implementing (or enhancing or even fixing) Salesforce in a very diverse set of organisations. This ranges from dynamic tech startups to large NHS Trusts, but with a common approach applied each time - based on three Design Principles:

1. Meaningful Journey: determine through Design Thinking what Users truly need and want.

2. Fierce Reduction: in the system, eliminate all wasteful steps and distracting actions and devices.

3. Progressive Disclosure: with a mobile-first user experience, make it simpler - step-by-step.  

I offer a new Integration Platform solution for integrating Salesforce with a broad array of other systems, including Electronic Health Record ("EHR") and Patient Booking Systems, Eventbrite, Google Workplace, Mailchimp, Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook, Zoom Webinar and many more.

Work From Anywhere

Although I am based in UK, I offer flexible working hours. With online Engagements via Google Meet and other tools, I can engage with any organisation, anywhere - in Europe, North America or Asia-Pacific. I can invoice in any currency of choice: US dollars, UK pounds, Euros, etc.

I have lived and worked in San Francisco and operated across Europe and Sri Lanka. I have extensive experience in applying Design Thinking to better understand, capture and execute on Requirements, through the iterative cycle of Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver.


In addition to my hands-on work in delivering Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Lightning Platform solutions, I have a network of highly-qualified Salesforce professionals, who allow me to scale-up and broaden expertise to application integrations and Apex coding, where needed. Again, all of this is underpinned by the certainty and clarity of being Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours.


I have many reference success stories - including Salesforce customers within the UK's largest organisation - the National Health Service ("NHS"). Let's talk about being Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours to augment, improve or drive your Salesforce implementation.

Contact Me

Ian Smith

Design Thinker @ Being Guideds

+44 7785 264 957

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