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Deliverables, Not Hours

Four principles that differentiates our tech outsourcing offer.


Ian H Smith

Entrepreneurs and managers should never fall into the trap of paying for tech talent or IT outcomes on the billable people hours model. This just incentivises people to make the simple complex - since they are motivated to maximise the time it takes to deliver on a particular digital engagement. There is a better way: it means being paid on Deliverables, Not Hours.

At Being Guided we engage with our customers on a Deliverables, Not Hours model. This means that we get paid to deliver digital innovations on the basis of the value we create, not the time we take to create it. Therefore, our motivation is perfectly aligned with delivering more for less.

Our Difference: Four Key Principles

Our work is focused on solving problems through delivering Web, mobile and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps that are created on the following four key principles. This enables us to engage with the certainty of fixed-price, fixed-time outcomes for your digital innovations:

  1. Maximise use of prebuilt business logic and visual development  with No-Code Platforms and wherever possible, reusable frameworks and components. Do not reinvent the wheel. 
  2. Apply Design Thinking to better empathise with all key stakeholders, and in turn, ensure a better translation of the business challenge into a timely solution - on time, on budget. 
  3. Operate dedicated tech teams - scalable from one - nearshore or offshore - relative to the bloated costs and talent scarcity of London, New York, Berlin, etc.
  4. Eliminate risk - you only pay on Deliverables that meet Acceptance - clearly defined per 1-2 week Sprints in a Statement of Work ("SoW").
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