Fifteen Minute Sales Coach

The power of an outsider can drive your sales performance.


Ian H Smith

The high-value, high-touch sell is a stressful life for your sales professionals. I believe that Sales Coaching is at its most effective when it is applied as little, but often. This means 15-minute online meetings at crucial stages in a buying and selling cycle. Hence, the Fifteen Minute Sales Coach.

As an outsider with over four decades of sales experience, I bring insights from a very broad range of environments - and always where getting the seller to truly understand the buyer(s) motivations and fears can be very challenging - especially in the earliest stages of the buying and selling cycle.

A Simple, Affordable Start

Sales Coaching does not have to start with long in-person or online classes. It can start with a series of 15-minute interventions at crucial stages of an Opportunity. This becomes a very affordable, non-threatening way to build receptivity, rapport and trust with sales professionals.

For an initial £550 investment, you can start with ten (10) 15-minute online Sales Coaching Sessions across any number of sales team members, consumed inside a 1-month timeline. I can provide a frank, confidential assessment in each Coaching Session: an unbiased outsider view.


Let's talk about what the Fifteen Minute Sales Coach service offers in these rapid online Sessions:

  • Deal Scenario: Summary of Value Proposition, Deal Value, Close Date, Customer Description, Buyer Role(s) and Current State in buying and selling cycle.
  • Key Questions (5W, 1H): Why? Who? What? Where? When? How?
  • Deal Risks: Summary of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).
  • Next Step: Open conversion. Talk through the Future State: next stages(s) in the buying and selling cycle. Avoiding 'pilot error'.
  • Deeper Considerations: Design Thinking in Sales? Value Engineering?

Reinforced Learning in Salesforce

As an integral part of my Sales Coaching, I provide new implementations and enhancements of Salesforce Sales Cloud, as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM system. This is where we can tailor the Opportunity Sales Process to fit with learnings from Sales Coaching.

Beyond Sales Coaching, Design Thinking in Sales can provide a solid Sales Method for other key learnings around Return On Investment (ROI) and countering deal slippage with Value Engineering.



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