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Low-Code Deliverables

Reducing software development costs by 80%+. 

Ian H Smith

There are two things that can reduce software design and development costs by eighty percent or more. As recessionary forces bite, achieving more for less in software production becomes key. The two things are: (a) applying a Low-Code Platform; and, (b) adopting Deliverables, Not Hours.

When you add the move from 'full stack' software development to creating new Web apps with a Low-Code Platform, you stop reinventing wheels. With we have delivered new Web app extensions to Salesforce Sales Cloud at a fraction of the cost of full stack development.

I am often asked about our 'hourly rate' or 'day rate'. Of course, most IT services organisations deliver their services on a 'meter', but I think that there is a better way than measuring time. It's being paid on Deliverables, Not Hours.

Take Two Steps

Our Xceliant Lab achieves a More for Less outcome with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps. This means a mindshift: getting away from the reinvention of wheels that characterises the 'full stack development' mindset. The intellectual property (IP) of a SaaS venture or app is not directly related to it's entire source code 'stack'. Much of this stack is a repeatable commodity.

The first step forward for your SaaS venture or app, in pursuit of More for Less outcome, is starting with (or transitioning to) a Low-Code Platform. This is where in our Lab we have successfully deployed for demanding new SaaS ventures with the NHS and elsewhere.

The second step is to engage with a software design and development partner like us, who are willing to offer a fixed-price, fixed-time approach to each phase of work in delivering your SaaS app. This means being paid on Deliverables, Not Hours. So, no incentive to maximise billable hours.   

Our Success Story

Here is our Success Story - combining the Low-Code Platform with Deliverables Not Hours for the UK's largest organisation - the National Health Service (NHS)

Ian Smith  



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