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Integrated Marketing Cloud for Retailers


Ian H Smith 

The most successful integrated marketing cloud for retailers in Eastern Europe is now available in UK, with services running on trusted, local Microsoft Azure instances. It's called Mindbox.Cloud and in this blog post I talk about why I am confident that this platform will take a leadership position in UK in the months and years ahead. Here's five reasons why:

  1. World-class Customers 
  2. Design Thinking Applied
  3. Only Subscription Fees
  4. Free Partner Training
  5. Trusted Cloud Platform

#1. World-Class Customers

What really impressed me about Mindbox.Cloud, when I first saw this challenger at Web Summit in Lisbon, was the brands operating in Eastern Europe, who have become early adopter customers for this next generation marketing cloud. All world-class players, all high in praise of this technology, but more importantly, what really stood out was the people, the culture that define Mindbox.Cloud.

#2. Design Thinking Applied

Mindbox.Cloud and the Design Lab work with retailers to deliver a true Software-as-a-Service. This means service - not simply a cloud-based software platform. I recognise that for most retailers, this represents at least a second generation marketing cloud. So, the first thing delivered by the experts from Mindbox.Cloud is an Audit: comparing Current State ('As Is') retail marketing with Future State ('To Be'). This results in Recommendations linked to tangible improvement goals.

Understanding where and how customer marketing can improve requires an open and honest conversation among all stakeholders. Email communications are the perfect and most common first step for e-tailers. But for traditional, bricks-and-mortar-based retailers it could be more important to start with deeper customer segmentation.

Through better profiling each customer, what follows is a more relevant approach to segmentation - which means knowing when (and when not to) apply discounts, bonuses, promotions, etc. What follows is better margins, by not offering the customer unnecessary offers. Through targeted, personalised text messaging, retailers use Mindbox.Cloud to generate more repeat purchases and recover lost customers.

To ensure truly meaningful conversations, Mindbox.Cloud and the Design Lab apply the 5 steps of Design Thinking, as defined by the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University ( This provides a solid foundation for the 2-week Launch phase that follows the 2-week Audit phase - and beyond.

Here is another Mindbox.Cloud difference versus first generation marketing clouds: expertise integrated with the platform, applied to deliver measurable improvements in marketing outcomes - not simply offering the tools, and hoping that the retailer figures it out.

#3. Only Subscription Fees

During the Audit phase, Mindbox.Cloud and the Design Lab work with retailers (and where appropriate, digital agency Partners) to determine the correct Integrations required with other, existing systems. Data Integration is essential to marketing success and is an integral part of the Audit and Launch phases, amortised into transparent, simple Monthly Subscription Pricing for Mindbox.Cloud. So, there are no hidden services costs for the retailer (or digital agency).

Try the Pricing Calculator. (This is currently in Euros, UK£ Pricing Calculator released soon).

#4. Free Partner Training

Once the services are up and running in the Launch phase, the ability to continuously Improve is aided by Mindbox.Cloud Best Practices, with focus on Segmentation and Sequences, to maximise effective, yet compliant marketing communications. Where retailers work with digital agencies, Mindbox.Cloud makes available a free Training package for these important Partners.

Hence, there are no hidden costs for retailer or digital agency - and no need for expensive 'certifications'.

#5 Trusted Cloud Platform

Retailers and digital agencies can trust Mindbox.Cloud. Built with industry standard technologies, this next generation marketing cloud runs in Microsoft Azure, complete with in-country data residency for UK and elsewhere. This means world-class security - underpinned by a fully GDPR-compliant platform.

In summary, Mindbox.Cloud is the next generation marketing cloud for retailers who want to increase communications effectiveness and drive measurable increases in sales, margins, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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