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No-Code Microsites

Creating simple Single Page App (SPA) Websites in hours and days.


Ian H Smith

I believe that Strikingly is the simplest, most effective No-Code Platform for creating Microsites. This Being Guided Website is built on a Strikingly Website. If you compare Strikingly to the better-known Webflow, you will see that although customisation of page design is more limited, it is deliberately designed to be simple.

Strikingly is a Single Page Application (SPA), which means that each Microsite designed as a one-page Website, providing responsiveness across desktop PC, tablet and smartphone Web browsers and devices. As illustrated here for Being Guided, a SPA-based Microsite has an equally easy-to-use Blog Publisher an add-on.

As a Microsite, the content published on Strikingly should embrace the following Best Practices:

  1. Strong but lightweight visuals will ensure that online loading speed is maximised.
  2. Engage with a 'Call to Action': a button or form as the clear next step for your audience.
  3. A Microsite focused on a specific message should feature short and punchy copy.

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