Opportunity Creation

Winning early adopter customers or donors.


Ian H Smith

At Being Guided we help tech startups and charities to identify, engage and monetise early adopter customers or donors - the key to survival and more for many. This is not simply a lead generation service, but as the title of this blog post indicates, Opportunity Creation is a Full Cycle Sales Engagement offer. This means we get hands on at every stage of the buying and selling cycle.

Let's explain what this service is, why you should engage with us, who we are, how it works, when it makes sense and where we operate for both tech startups seeking to win first customers or charities who need to engage more donors. For very early stage tech startups this may be a challenge of winning early adopter customers well before completeness of product or service.

For charities, this may be a cold outreach to prospective corporate or high net worth individual donors. Regardless of whether you are a tech startup or a charity, our Engagement can be tailored to a specific, well-defined Value Proposition. This includes a highly-focused and related set of Named Target Accounts and Decision-Makers.

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The concept of a Full Cycle Sales Engagement is to simply convert a Claim (about a product or service or cause) into a Proof that gets monetised. This is where we help tech startups and charities to build the Value Proposition as a strong opening Claim and then, through a process of Mutual Value Discovery, achieve a Proof which validates the Claim for timely deal wins.

Underpinning all of our work, we implement Salesforce Sales Cloud as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This includes an add-on option: The Talent Platform.

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As a tech startup or enterprise software company your early adopter customers need to know why they should buy your product or service. As a charity, you need to show why donors should invest in your cause. We help you engage decision-making buyers in a Mutual Value Discovery process that compares Future State (To-Be) versus Current State (As-Is).

Whether tech startup, enterprise software company or charity, you are battling for mindspace, for attention - in a world full of noise, full of hype, and often, full of many credible alternative products, services or causes. We now include Artificial Intelligence (GPT Prompts) as our co-pilot in co-creating your Value Proposition.

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The key to building receptivity, rapport and trust between empowered buyer and startup seller or fundraiser is you. New products and services - or even good causes - do not sell themselves. As an early stage startup or charity you are the core of the brand and we help you to put your story in a compelling way - the core of your Value Proposition. This is reinforced by us as your Partner.

It's all in the How? How we focus on both quantitative (economic) and qualitative (emotional) value you can credibly Claim and then convert to a Proof in relation to your product, service or cause in question.

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We work with you through a Full Cycle Sales Engagement. This starts with creating a Value Proposition, moves on to agreeing the right Contacts, and then progresses to Outreach followed by Monetisation. Our approach to Outreach is introductions through LinkedIn and email, asking buyers or donors for a Commitment to Action (a free Mutual Value Discovery Workshop).

This means that Being Guided are your Partner in each Sales Engagement - throughout the buying and selling cycle. If you are a tech startup, we can agree to sell on your paper (as Agency Partner) or our paper (as Reseller Partner). If you are a charity, we act as Introducer to donors. We make our role clear to prospective buyers (or donors) from the outset.

For tech startups we typically ask prospective buyers to engage in an initial, free 1-hour Mutual Value Discovery Workshop. With the Value Proposition prepared and Return On Investment (ROI) Model established through upfront Value Engineering, we are ready to start the journey with the prospective buyer. For charities, this process is typically much faster: a 15-minute online Workshop.

Mutual Value Discovery means exploring Current State and comparing it with Future State, where a product or service or donation is purchased. This is delivered as an online Google Meet, where prior work on a Value Proposition Design generates the right calculation for both an Economic Basis of Decision and an Emotional Basis of Decision. This is converting Claim to Proof.

It might be that a tech startup focuses more on an Economic Basis of Decision and a charity more on an Emotional Basis of Decision, but a blend is always key to achieve a tangible, Measurable Value Outcome from each Engagement. It becomes a Time-Based Value: determining the Cost of Delay or Cost of Doing Nothing.

A key question to a buyer or donor may be: For every (hour/day/week/month) you delay making this purchase or donation what is the cost to (you/your organisation/your prospective cause)? 


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Our offering is ideal for the following tech startups and charities:

  1. Startups seeking early adopter customers who will monetise the next stage of evolution and/or who will accelerate a first/next external funding round.
  2. Enterprise software companies who need to increase outreach to prospective customers and decision-makers beyond formal procurement barriers.
  3. Charities who need to start or increase fundraising with corporate and/or high networth individuals and who are not comfortable with the cold outreach to prospective donors.
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We focus on UK, Ireland, Benelux and Nordic countries of Northern Europe.

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Let's schedule a 30-minute Free Workshop and explore how we could help you to identify, engage and monetise your early adopter customers or donors.


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