Plastics Product Design

Transforming injection moulding and mould design.


Ian H Smith

At Being Guided I have recently come full circle in my career. I starting out in the plastics industry in 1972 with National Plastics, then the largest injection moulding factory in Europe, established in Walthamstow, East London in 1936.

After training as a mould and product designer, I moved from the plastics industry to the information technology world, initially marketing of pick-and-place robots and getting into the first generation of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems for mould design in the early-1980s.

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Fast forward 52 years and I am now working with three technology partners to solve compelling problems for injection moulding and mould making firms. This is my Partnership with SIMCON: simulating and optimising part design, mould design and injerction moulding tryouts.

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SIMCON Value Engineering

As illustrated above, SIMCON is all about prevention, not cure. This applies to each stage of the product, mould and process design for injection moulders and mould makers. As you can see, the ability to change decreases and the cost of change increases, both exponentially, as you move through the design and manufacturing stages.

SIMCON simulation software (CADMOULD and VARIMOS) provides a solid foundation for measurably increasing the bootomline performance of product manufacturer and their injection moulding and mould making partners. This is where our Value Engineering services are applied and the key question we answer is this:

What is the cost of NOT buying SIMCON CADMOULD and VARIMOS?

Through a process of Mutual Value Discovery - and supported by our expert partner, SIMCON kunststofftechnische Software GmbH, to quantify Current State ('As-Is'), without implementing SIMCON and compare this with the financial and other quantifiable gains in a Future State ('To-Be') with this investment made.

This results in the creation of a comprehensive Business Case Calculator.

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Consider the real world examples below of problems we solve with SIMCON:

Material and Tooling Optimisation: By introducing SIMCON CADMOULD and VARIMOS simulation software, injection moulding and mould making firms can optimise the each stage of product, mould and process design. SIMCON can suggest the most effective design and related efficient production sequences, including filling, packing, cooling, shrinkage, warpage plus optimised cycle times for manufacturing plastic parts.

Optimised Machine Utilisation: SIMON CADMOULD and VARIMOS simulation software can analyse historical production data and current order information to optimise allocation of jobs to machines, ensuring that each machine is used to its fullest potential. This reduces idle times and increases throughput, leading to higher overall equipment effectiveness.