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Servitization Integration

Building revenue streams for manufacturers from services.

"Servitization is a process of building revenue streams for manufacturers from services."

The idea of creating 'as-a-Service' income from products, that have typically been delivered as capital expenditure items, is a growing theme in high-value manufacturing. In order to sell the 'as-a-Service' solution, this invariably leads to a need to measure the performance of the product - and in new ways - such as embedded sensors.

Often the transformation to Servitization requires what is usually referred to as the 'Internet of Things (IoT)' - defined as a system of interrelated, internet-connected devices and sensors that are able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network, without human intervention. In turn, this requires Integration of many things - IT (or IoT) and non-IT - to enable a specific Servitization.

The Integration Platform

The Integration Platform allows advanced manufacturers of all sizes to enable the Integration of Things. With simple drag-and-drop tools you can join backend IT systems with IOT-enabled devices and sensors that enable Servitization and related Business Models. This is built on a technology foundation of and established Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Mutual Value Discovery

Servitization has many routes for transforming a capital-intensive product sell to a services sell. Let us show you how Design Thinking enables a great way to explore Servitization for your business. This means starting with a free, 2-hour online Discovery Workshop.

In the initial Discovery Workshop we can explore 'quick wins', where Servitisation is relatively simple to implement - typically by adding 'Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)' guided selling features to a combination of and ERP/CRM systems. 

Then we can look deeper into Servitization Business Models that require new data and analytics, related to the performance and running of a particular product or device. This is where sensors might be required to be embedded in a product, in order to capture, ingest and analyze data via the Integration.

Our approach means Mutual Value Discovery: where the value we create for your Servitization scenarios generate measurable increases in profit and growth for your business. This is where we only get Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours, in relation to a post-Discovery Workshop Engagement we jointly agree to pursue.

To learn more about Servitization Integration let's talk. Contact me here.


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