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Success Story.

Frontend-as-a-Service (FaaS). Data hosted by Google or Salesforce.


Ian H Smith

A go-to-market Engagement with tech startup is a recent success for us at Being Guided. The UK National Health Service (NHS), Europe's largest organisation, is our recent early adopter customer. This is a story about Salesforce integration with a new Low-Code Platform.


If you want to integrate Salesforce with other apps or services, there are a number of existing technologies you can use: Boomi, Jitterbit or MuleSoft. However, in each case the big problem is cost - the true cost. This means not only high-cost licenses but an outdated approach to expensive  'full stack' software development. There is a better approach to app integration: .

Solution is a startup based in Florida, USA with a focus on enabling Salesforce Integration by delivering the inherent advantage of a Low-Code Platform. There are many times when a simple No-Code Platform can empower a non-tech 'Citizen Developer' to create Web or mobile apps, without writing a single line of code. 

However, when it comes to app integration, No-Code Platforms (such as Zapier), are often too restricted to work for most real world integration requirements. Although going High-Code simply reinforces high-cost 'full stack' software development, sometimes a few lines of JavaScript code using the Low-Code Platform is the best approach to app integration.



As described below, we enabled to win the NHS as an early adopter customer. The cost difference with this Low-Code Platform  v. MuleSoft was 100x+!

For the NHS, the solution has provided a seamless integration between Salesforce and many other applications: an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system; a Patient Booking system; Eventbrite, Mailchimp and Microsoft Teams Events systems; and, HubSpot and Mailchimp Marketing systems.

More About is a platform that allows visual integration of apps. With simple drag-and-drop Low-Code Platform tools solutions extend established IT systems: including Microsoft Dynamics (via a Google Chrome Plugin) and Salesforce Platform (via a 'Canvas'). is a Frontend-as-a-Service ("FaaS"). It enables Integration and extension of established apps on Microsoft Dynamics (via a Google Chrome Web browser Plugin) and Salesforce Platform (via a Lightning 'Canvas'). This means trusted hosting of data on Google Firebase or Salesforce.  

As illustrated in the infographic above, provides a truly integrated user experience through a right-hand, left-hand or full-page 'Canvas' on a Salesforce app Record. This means that users can work on different apps and related tasks directly inside Salesforce Lightning Experience. enables many integrations with a Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce Lightning Platform foundation.  This ranges from popular apps, such as Eventbrite, Google Workspace, Mailchimp, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Webinar - to complex interfaces - e.g., HL7 for Electronic Health Record ("EHR") systems or comprehensive Decisioning APIs, such as UK Companies House or Experian.

Another Recent Win

Credit Decisioning Platform

We have created a Credit Decisioninh Platform with for a fast-growth financial services organisation, achieving a seamless journey between customer enquiry on Salesforce Platform to real-time Credit Decisioning via the Experian API, to support business and consumer lending. This included an integration with a sophisticated Wholesale Finance System. 

Four Advantages

The measurable value outcomes as advantages with are:

1. Annual Licence Fees starting as low as UK£12,000 per annum: simple model.

2. Industry-standard JavaScript Low-Code: widely available and affordable skills.

3. Containerised Platform. Trusted Hosting : Google Firebase or Salesforce.

4. Fixed-Price, Fixed-Time Engagements: being Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours.


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