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Success Story.

Frontend-as-a-Service (FaaS). Data hosted by Google or Salesforce.


Ian H Smith

At Being Guided, I work with tech challengers who deliver new value propositions for digital innovation. A go-to-market Engagement with is a recent success. The UK National Health Service (NHS), Europe's largest organisation, is the early adopter customer. 


If you want to integrate Salesforce with other apps or services, there are a number of existing technologies you can use: Boomi, Jitterbit or MuleSoft. However, in each case the big problem is cost - the true cost. This means not only high-cost licenses but an outdated approach to expensive  'full stack' software development. There is a better approach to app integration: .

Solution is a startup based in Florida, USA with a focus on enabling Salesforce Integration by delivering the inherent advantage of a Low-Code Platform. There are many times when a simple No-Code Platform can empower a non-tech 'Citizen Developer' to create Web or mobile apps, without writing a single line of code. 

However, when it comes to app integration, No-Code Platforms (such as Zapier), are often too restricted to work for most real world integration requirements. Although going High-Code simply reinforces high-cost 'full stack' software development, sometimes a few lines of JavaScript code using the Low-Code Platform is the best approach to app integration.



As described below, we enabled to win the NHS as an early adopter customer. The cost difference with this Low-Code Platform  v. MuleSoft was 100x+!

For the NHS, the solution has provided a seamless integration between Salesforce and many other applications: an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system; a Patient Booking system; Eventbrite, Mailchimp and Microsoft Teams Events systems; and, HubSpot and Mailchimp Marketing systems.

More About is a platform that allows visual integration of apps. With simple drag-and-drop Low-Code Platform tools solutions extend established IT systems: including Microsoft Dynamics (via a Google Chrome Plugin) and Salesforce Platform (via a 'Canvas'). is a Frontend-as-a-Service ("FaaS"). It enables Integration and extension of established apps on Microsoft Dynamics (via a Google Chrome Web browser Plugin) and Salesforce Platform (via a Lightning 'Canvas'). This means trusted hosting of data on Google Firebase or Salesforce.  

As illustrated in the infographic above, provides a truly integrated user experience through a right-hand, left-hand or full-page 'Canvas' on a Salesforce app Record. This means that users can work on different apps and related tasks directly inside Salesforce Lightning Experience. enables many integrations with a Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce Lightning Platform foundation.  This ranges from popular apps, such as Eventbrite, Google Workspace, Mailchimp, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Webinar - to complex interfaces - e.g., HL7 for Electronic Health Record ("EHR") systems or comprehensive Decisioning APIs, such as UK Companies House or Experian.

Another Recent Win

Underwriters Platform

We have created an Underwriters Platform with for a fast-growth financial services organisation, achieving a seamless journey between customer enquiry on Salesforce Platform to real-time Credit Decisioning via the Experian API, to support business and consumer lending. This included an integration with a sophisticated Wholesale Finance System. 

Four Advantages

The measurable value outcomes as advantages with are:

1. Annual Licence Fees starting as low as UK£12,000 per annum: simple model.

2. Industry-standard JavaScript Low-Code: widely available and affordable skills.

3. Containerised Platform. Trusted Hosting : Google Firebase or Salesforce.

4. Fixed-Price, Fixed-Time Engagements: being Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours.


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