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Ian H Smith

Tangle is a tech startup we have successfully monetised in the UK National Health Service (NHS). As illustrated in the infographic below, Tangle became a Canvas App with this hospital's private patient experience solution on Salesforce. Canvas is a set of tools and JavaScript APIs that means third-party Apps work seamlessly inside Salesforce Lightning Experience User Interface (UI).

In this Success Story, we won the argument that Tangle was superior to Salesforce's MuleSoft offering. Apart from a significant cost advantage, Tangle provides a more flexible, Low-Code App development environment, where this use case was quite challenging from a call centre-to-patient user experience perspective.

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Solving a Complex Problem

Here, the NHS was selecting Salesforce as the 'system of record' for new private patient records, but crucially, needing reliable integration with legacy telephony, electronic health record (EHR) and patient booking systems. In practice, this required a strong visual UI within the Canvas App on the right-hand side of a Salesforce record, to navigate EHR and booking systems in a single call.

The Tangle Canvas App operates as a 'window' into three very different systems, maintaining an uninterrupted user experience for call centre operators. These are users who are taking inbound calls from prospective patients to take them through a workflow (a Salesforce Flow) to determine patient needs.

This approach resulted in the generation of a price quotation sent via email at the end of the call, followed by an appointment created for the right treatment, with the right consultant, at the right location, at the right time - and creating or updating the patient's legacy EHR.

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An Open Technology

Tangle is a Low-Code Platform. As the infograph above illustrates, it consists of four layers, where the Custom Frontend and User Experience was delivered to the UK NHS as a Salesforce Canvas App. This becomes a Frontend-as-a-Service, where all data is hosted by Salesforce.

The underlying Cloud Hosting on Google Firebase provides a significant cost advantage over other public cloud platforms. As a Low-Code Platform, Tangle offers development in widely-available JavaScript technologies.The Frontend-as-a-Service is written in Vue.js, the Progressive JavaScript Framework. The Backend to Application Layer and Business Logic is written in Node.js.


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