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The Integration Platform

Frontend-as-a-Service (FaaS). Data hosted by Salesforce.


Ian H Smith

At Being Guided, we work with tech challengers who deliver new value propositions for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Health Cloud and Lightning Platform technologies. Our Go-to-Market Partnership with is our latest success. The UK NHS is an early adopter customer. is a platform that allows you to create and integrate apps visually. With simple drag-and-drop tools you can build Frontend-as-a-Service ("FaaS") solutions, with Low-Code and industry-standard JavaScript (Node.js and Vue.js). This includes 'Blocks' as Cionfigurable Components.

Any Cloud, Any App enables Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Health Cloud and Lightning Platform apps. This is accomplished through trusted hosting of Data, either on Salesforce or, via a Docker or Kubernetes container, any safe cloud or data centre - public or private. 

Salesforce Canvas

As illustrated in the infographic above, provides a truly integrated user experience through a right-hand Canvas on a Salesforce app Record. This means that users can work on different apps and related tasks directly inside the Salesforce Lightning Experience User Interface.


One Platform, Many Integrations enables Salesforce customers to create many integrations - ranging from popular apps, such as Eventbrite, Google Workspace, Mailchimp, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Webinar - to complex interfaces - e.g., HL7 for Electronic Health Record ("EHR") systems.

Recent Success Stories

I have led two Salesforce implementations in recent months at the UK National Health Service ("NHS"). This is where has proven to be key in enabling rapid, affordable integration with both complex EHR and other enterprise applications, in addition to popular cloud apps, such as Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Microsoft Office 365 and Zoom Webinar. 

Four Advantages

The big advantages with at the NHS are:

1. Annual Licence Fees starting as low as UK£5,000 per annum - simple model.

2. Industry-standard JavaScript Low-Code - widely available and affordable skills.

3. Containerised Platform. Host anywhere: Salesforce or other cloud/data centre of choice.

4. Fixed-Price, Fixed-Time Engagements: we are Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours.

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I can expand upon these successful projects - contact me directly by email.

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