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The Social Care Platform

Health and social care, integrated.

The Social Care Platform is a cloud solution, built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform and designed to integrate health and social care among a broad range of stakeholders and users, in what we call a ‘Social Care Value Chain’.

This is for the UK-wide regions of the National Health Service (NHS) Hospital Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) - plus related Local Government-based Social Services and their Private Care Agencies. The Social Care Platform is also a foundation for international health and social carer opportunities, albeit where health and social care is delivered via different public or private models and organisations.

Meeting Five Challenges

The Social Care Platform was initially designed to meet five challenges:

#1. Delayed Transfer of Care (DToC)

Freeing-up beds by executing right care, right time - faster.

#2. Value-Risk

Ensuring that the right care has the right funding – at the right time.

#3. Citizen-First

Providing clients and their families with real-time visibility into everyday care.

#4. Accountability

Using social computing to make care a more accountable service – end-to-end.

#5. Actionable Insights

Enabling the automation of data collection and actionable insights with analytics.

One Platform, Many Apps

Although most health and social customers will start with a focus on the specific challenges solved by The Social Care Platform, as the name implies, a Platform means offering a foundation to add many other apps over time.

The Social Care Platform means offering the ability to add many apps, such as Workforce Management, or other custom solutions. Underpinning this ecosystem of 'Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)' apps is the Salesforce Lightning Platform: a flexible 'Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS}' comprising prebuilt business logic that takes advantage of its 'No-Code' features.  this simply means providing the ability to visually develop apps, without the need for programming skills.

As illustrated in the infographic above, Being Guided and Salesforce are bringing together a highly synergistic Platform Architecture. This combines the Salesforce Lightning Platform with an ‘Open Connect’ Integration solution to many other new and existing apps found in health and social care.

One Platform, Many Stakeholders

If we consider the Discharge Nurse as one of the key stakeholders in the Social Care Value Chain, we know that what matters most here is providing tech tools that aid their time-critical work - not yet another clunky IT system to log into. With this important point in mind, we provide our integration technology (Open Connect) to enable two-way updates between The Social Care Platform app and any established hospital Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system.

For the Discharge Nurse, this means access to the Discharge Plan on any device: smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop PC. The Discharge Plan has all of the Data Fields it needs relevant to the Discharge Nurse - nothing more, nothing less. As this information flows through the Social Care Value Chain, other key stakeholders - such as Local Government Social Care Assessor, Private Care Agency Registered Manager, or Patient Family Member - can read (and where allowed) update such Data Fields in the Citizen Plan - which in turn, updates the original Discharge Plan. 

The problem of bed-blocking (Delayed Transfer of Care) is measured in UK by NHS Hospital Trusts and submitted monthly as Excel reports, based on ten potential causes - and all are invariably attributed to a lack of timely information flow across the entire Social Care Value Chain - e.g. awaiting Social Care Assessment, awaiting Public Funding, awaiting Home Equipment. The Social Care Platform fixes this problem, by being the 'go to' system for all stakeholders.  

Another key advantage of The Social Care Platform not feasible with legacy hospital Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems or Local Government Case Management systems is the ability to enable Patients and Families to be at the centre of every stage of the Social Care Value Chain. With The Social Care Platform, citizens are placed at the centre of the system.

Discovery Workshops

If you would like to know more about how The Social Care Platform can work for you and your organisation, let's set-up a Discovery Workshop. It is completely free of charge.

Discovery Workshops: Half-Day

  • Your Role in the Social Care Value Chain
  • The Power of Your Design Thinking
  • Empathy Mapping: Understanding Your Challenges
  • Towards One Platform, Many Stakeholders
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