• Design Thinking, applied.

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    Being Human

    Achieving measurable value outcomes.

    Our thinking is Design Thinking: solving problems in a people-oriented way. This is all about bringing challengers and innovators together. This is transforming business-as-usual, with measurable value outcomes.

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    Being Challengers

    Constructive, value-creating disruption.

    With Mutual Value Discovery, we enable all stakeholders to explore meaningful solutions and to build consensus for change. Our work focuses on digital innovation that delivers measurable value outcomes

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    Being Inquisitive

    Embracing curiosity and empathy.

    Great designers are curious. And curiosity is what Design Thinking translates into the right questions, right stakeholders - right time. Value is best created when people are able to communicate openly and honestly.

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    Being Structured

    Adopting ideas from Stanford d.school.

    Design Thinking as a method was developed by the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (Stanford d.school). It has five steps, applied applied in an iterative loop: Empathize; Define; Ideate; Prototype; and, Test.

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    Being Connected

    It all starts with Empathy Mapping.

    Empathy Mapping allows all stakeholders to express ideas in different ways, unhindered by undue fear or negativity. With receptivity, rapport and trust established, stakeholders can create meaningful Empathy Maps.

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    Being Accountable

    Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours.

    We focus on simplifying digital innovations, applying Fierce Reduction and prebuilt business logic wherever we can. This means we lower your risks and engage with a Deliverables, Not Hours engagement model.

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    Being Meaningful

    Design Principle: Meaningful Journey.

    When applying digital innovation, the first thing to create is a Meaningful Journey. This is the path, steps or tasks users complete that relates to a particular service, or in the quest of solving a big, important problem.

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    Being Fierce

    Desgn Principle: Fierce Reduction.

    What's needed in digital innovation is a Fierce Reduction mindset. This means eliminating everything on each screen that distracts from any action at each stage of a Meaningful Journey to complete tasks.

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    Being Progressive

    Design Principle: Progressive Disclosure.

    When designing a Meaningful Journey with Fierce Reduction, it is better to have more clicks or swipes through pages of an app, than add too many options in any given screen view. This is Progressive Disclosure.

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    Being Collaborative

    Stop reinventing wheels.

    The key to combining Design Thinking and No-Code Platforms is engaging the broadest range of stakeholders and facilitators in digital innovation. What follows is iterative Ideate, Prototype and Test steps.

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    Being Radical

    Digital innovation, fast.

    We help startups and enterprises to engage in Radical Collaboration for digital innovation. We achieve this through our Value Network of design and tech talent, who apply Design Thinking to drive success.

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    Being Visual

    Design Thinking, applied.

    Our approach to digital innovation starts with Design Thinking. This means three Design Principles that enable a simpler outcome: 1. Meaningful Journey; 2. Fierce Reduction; and, 3. Progressive Disclosure.

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    Being Salesforce

    Delivering on a world-class cloud.

    We work with enterprises, government agencies and startups, to deliver rapid app design on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. Our success with Salesforce includes innovations at NHS for next generation digital health.

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    Being Accountable

    Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours.

    Our venture with Infopulse enables us to scale our multi-shore teams. This is underpinned by a willingness to be paid on Deliverables - not simply the time we consume in design and development activities.

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  • Ian H Smith

    Design Thinker


    After initially training as a product designer in the plastics industry, I have spent the past 35+ years in challenging roles within the tech industry.


    I hold a Master's degree in Design Thinking. This inspires my work: applying a human-oriented approach to solving problems with empathy.

    Lindsey Kennedy

    Researcher and Educator


    I work with innovators to make better sense of social networks and relationship insights in an ever-changing world for the challenger tech firm.


    My engagements are built on a foundation of analysing decision-makers and influencers who will be motivated to engage in new business conversations.

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