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    Being Guided

    By Design Thinking.

    We apply Design Thinking to help you to solve your most compelling challenges - increasing sales - or reducing costs. Our focus is on the Salesforce ecosystem: if it's your focus too - let's talk.


    Ian Smith

    Design Thinker

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    Being Focused

    On early adopter customers.

    We have extensive expertise in industries such as healthcare and manufacturing. Our work is all about identifying, engaging and monetising Named Target Accounts and their related Named Decision-Makers.


    Our work is built on a foundation of Design Thinking in Sales. This means enabling buyers and sellers to engage in better understanding problems, to translate and, often co-create = or at least configure a solution.

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    Being Capable

    In Salesforce technology.

    As a Registered Consulting Partner with Salesforce, we bring a strong set of skills in designing, selling and implementing apps. You can rely on us at every stage of the buying and selling cycle - and beyond.


    Our successes include new Salesforce-based apps and solutions delivered to the UK's largest employer - the National Health Service (NHS). We are comfortable engaging with organisations large and small.

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    Being Connected

    In the Salesforce ecosystem.

    We have extensive and ever-growing relationships with enterprises, ISVs and system integrators inside the Salesforce ecosystem. This includes relationships with key people at Salesforce in EMEA and USA.


    Our Design Thinking in Sales method drives Mutual Value Discovery engagements with early adopters. We are comfortable selling solutions ahead of completeness and where business is 100% hunting mode.

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    Being Trusted

    Building successful relationships.

    We work with a diverse set of non-competing, and often synergistic tech firms. Our relationships are built on trust and a foundation of timely deliverables and measurable commercial success.


    Our customers are based in UK, USA, Europe and India. Our expertise spans healthcare, manufacturing, retail and tech industry segments. We understand how to connect the challengers with enterprises.

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    Opportunity Creation

    Sales Engagements.

    App Innovation

    Enterprise Solutions.

    Design Thinking

    Online Workshops.

  • Partners

    World-class digital innovation on Salesforce.

    Salesforce, Assured

    Reducing time, effort and risk.

    Panaya provides a real-time visual impact analysis of a complex Salesforce Org. This means Change Intelligence; risk-based testing and assurance. Enable Salesforce development to be faster and safer.

    See More, Act Faster

    Panaya Foresight is forewarned.

    Salesforce Orgs get complex, fast. Without Panaya, architects and developers cannot see the sheer number of components or functional flows that will be impacted by any change considered.

    Instant Analysis

    Manage all ongoing changes.

    Panaya Foresight allows you to implement complete control of all changes in all Salesforce Orgs, no matter how complex. This means instantly analysing any component by search.  

    Next. 1-hour Workshop

    Instantly see the power of Panaya.

    Join Being Guided and Panaya in a free 1-hour online Workshop to see how you can measurably reduce time, effort and risk with your Salesforce developments. Click here to request a Workshop.



  • Solutions

    Opportunity Creation

    Sales Engagements.

    We help startup and challenger tech firms to identify, engage and monetise early adopter customers. Our work is delivered via a combination of affordable Monthly Retainer Fees and results-based Success Fees.

  • Opportunity Creation

    A 3-step process for identifying, engaging and monetising new customers.

    Step 01. PiercePoint

    Identifying the early adopters.

    The first step in Opportunity Creation is focused on lead generation. From an agreed list of Named Target Accounts and Decision-Makers, we engage through LinkedIn messaging that resonates with buyers.

    Step 02. ProofPoint

    Engaging the decision-makers.

    The second step in Opportunity Creation is where a ProofPoint becomes the quantifiable validation of a PiercePoint. This is where we apply Design Thinking and ROI Modelling to new buying and selling cycles.

    Step 03. DecisionPoint

    Monetising win-win outcomes.

    Through applying Design Thinking at the ProofPoint step, higher levels of receptivity, rapport and trust are achieved. This leads to a clearer understanding of the path to closing timely DecisionPoint wins.

  • Solutions

    App Innovation

    Enterprise Solutions.

    Take a look at our Fixed-Price offerings for apps and services built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. Our Design Thinking drives digital innovation for organisations large and small - private or public.


    Design Thinking Platform

    Combining CRM, Project Management with Design Thinking method.



    The Social Care Platform

    Integrating the health and social care value chain within the NHS.



    The Volunteer Platform

    Accelerating onboarding of volunteers for in-hospital work and clinical trials.


  • App Innovation

    Simplifying processes and eliminating spreadsheets and paper.

    Being Simplified

    Design Thinking, applied.

    Our Design Thinking method helps organisations of all sizes to discover and validate urgent and important areas, where simplifying processes and eliminating spreadsheets and paper generates the best returns.

    Being Digitised

    Salesforce apps implemented.

    From Design Thinking outcomes, Salesforce apps are either configured with Partners, or created to solve quantified and prioritised problems. We sell to and support organisations in both private and public sectors. 

  • Solutions

    Design Thinking

    Online Workshops.

    We help organisations of any size apply Design Thinking to enable App Innovation or Opportunity Creation. Based on a 5-step method, our Design Thinking Workshops are delivered via online events.

  • Design Thinking

    A 5-step process applying Design Thinking to innovation and sales.

    Being Curious

    Think like a designer.

    Design Thinking means just that - thinking like a designer. This means being curious: asking questions, challenging business-as-usual. This is delivered in five steps for App Innovation and Opportunity Creation.


    Design Thinking is a people-centered way of solving difficult problems. At Being Guided, we help challenger tech firms and enterprises to apply digital innovation via the five-step method created by Stanford d.school.

    Step 01. Empathize

    Empathy Mapping is key.

    The first step in our Design Thinking method is key: Empathize. Through online workshops, we ensure that all stakeholders engage in exploring each problem to be solved or value to be created with cloud apps.


    This is Empathy Mapping. It means engaging buyers and sellers of tech innovations in sessions that encourage openness, receptivity and rapport among all. What follows is trust - and ultimately, truth.

    Step 02. Define

    Focus on what matters most.

    The outputs from Empathy Mapping enable a deeper, more meaningful Define step. Here, all stakeholders work through an Urgent/Important Matrix to prioritise the order of innovation and solution delivery.


    From achieving a more truthful, accurate understanding of the problem, the Define step is in the strongest position to ensure a truthful mapping of this problem to the right solution and move to the next step: Ideate.

    Step 03. Ideate

    Move to tangible innovation.

    The Ideate step is hands-on, based on openness and trust realised at the Define step. This is where stakeholders are encouraged to challenge assumptions, from what is otherwise, just business-as-usual.


    Ideation means taking the journey from identifying the problem to exploring the solution. At this stage, it is best to prioritise 'breadth over depth'. This will enable the widest range of ideas moved to the next step: Prototype. 

    Step 04. Prototype

    No-Code First is key to success.

    By taking a No-Code First at the Prototype stage with Salesforce Lightning Platform and related AppExchange Apps, we can eliminate the costs and time otherwise required with programming of full stack apps.


    No-Code, Low-Code then Code - in that order - means that the journey from Ideate to Prototype may be measured in days and hours. This brings solutions to life in a tangible and real way - for all stakeholders.

    Step 05. Test

    Rapidly drive user acceptance testing.

    New digital innovations and apps should rapidly move from the Prototype step to the Test step, as part of an iterative approach to continuous improvement. This loop may go back to any step to move innovation forward.


    Testing means 'show don't tell' - taking Prototypes through iterative but structured User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of solutions. For us, this is typically Salesforce-based Apps - often well ahead of completeness.

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    Design Thinking, applied

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