Fierce Reduction

Achieving more for less with digital innovation.  


Ian H Smith

As the global slowdown kicks in, organisations of all shapes and sizes will need to achieve more from less IT spend. This will require a significant reduction in IT services costs. How can this be achieved in a safe yet timely way? The answer is Fierce Reduction.

So, what is Fierce Reduction? In the context of IT, this means lowering the costs of implementation, integration and support services. In other words, it is the simplification of processes and tasks that may be (or should be) digitised.

Simplicity Matters

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Leonardo Da Vinci

Since we are paid on Deliverables, Not Hours at Being Guided, we are motivated to simplify IT, yet maximise customer experience and user adoption, because we are not afraid to be measured on tangible outcomes.

This contrasts with IT services firms who charge by the hour: and therefore, who are inherently motivated to maximise billable hours from indulging in complex thinking. So, I have spent the past ten years working with the No-Code leader: Salesforce.


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