• Design Thinking, applied.

  • Thinking

    Being Creative

    Design Thinking, applied.

    We apply Design Thinking to help you to solve your most compelling challenges. This means Design Thinking combined with Salesforce - to drive business value - fast.


    Ian Smith

    Design Thinker

  • Thinking

    Being Affordable

    Paid on Deliverables, Not Hours.

    Through applying Design Thinking with Salesforce, we deliver tangible solutions to your compelling problems - at a fraction of the cost of business-as-usual IT - and with the assurance of fixed-price engagements.

  • Thinking

    Being Compelling

    The power of ROI Modelling.

    Design Thinking enables you to prioritise and focus on what matters, when in pursuit of increasing sales or reducing costs. This leads to a deeper understanding of the challenge, by applying the rigour of ROI Modelling.

  • Thinking

    Being Curious

    Embracing openness and empathy.

    Great designers are curious. And curiosity is what Design Thinking translates into the right questions, right stakeholders - right time. Value is best created when people are able to communicate openly and honestly.

  • Thinking

    Being Structured

    Adopting ideas from Stanford d.school.

    Design Thinking as a method was developed by the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (Stanford d.school). It has five steps, applied applied in an iterative loop: Empathize; Define; Ideate; Prototype; and, Test.

  • Thinking

    Being Connected

    It all starts with Empathy Mapping.

    Empathy Mapping allows all stakeholders to express ideas in different ways, unhindered by undue fear or negativity. With receptivity, rapport and trust established, stakeholders can create meaningful Empathy Maps.

  • Thinking

    Being Focused

    Eisenhower meets Churchill.

    We help you to continuously reprioritise Tasks into the 4 Ds: Do; Develop; Delegate; or, Delete. This is inspired by Dwight Eisenhower, former President of USA - underpinned by Churchill's 'Action This Day'.

  • Principles

    Meaningful Journey

    Design Principle 01.

    When designing a No-Code Platform solution, the first thing to create is its journey: the path, steps or tasks that users will complete in providing a service, undertaking work or solving a big and important problem.

  • Principles

    Fierce Reduction

    Design Principle 02.

    When users get confused with business-as-usual IT, it's usually because what they are confronted with on an app page view offers too many choices of what to do next. Often, there is no clear next step.

  • Principles

    Progressive Disclosure

    Design Principle 03.

    When designing a Meaningful Journey and applying Fierce Reduction with a No-Code Platform, it is better to have more clicks or swipes through, than add too many options in any given screen view.

  • Platform

    No-Code First

    Inherent tech advantage.

    We combine Design Thinking with No-Code digital innovation on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. This enables us to deliver enterprise apps 10x faster versus traditional coding approaches to digital innovation.

  • Platform

    Design Thinking Platform

    Includes Salesforce Lightning Platform


    Professional Users per Month



    Customer Users per Month

    The Volunteer Platform

    Includes Salesforce Lightning Platform


    Professional Users per Month



    Citizen Users per Month

    The Social Care Platform

    Includes Salesforce Lightning Platform


    Professional Users per Month



    Citizen Users per Month

  • Startups

    Opening New Markets

    Winning the early adopters.

    We help startups and fast-growth tech firms entering UK and European markets to identify and win early adopter customers. Our affordable results-oriented approach is underpinned by our Design Thinking Platform.

  • Blog

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