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    COVID-19 was a negative, disruptive Black Swan. What's your positive, disruptive Black Swan?

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    I help positive disruptive Black Swans to break the Hermetic Seal surrounding decision-makers.

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    This means engaging with Blockchain and Salesforce innovators to drive more value for less IT spend.

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    You cannot achieve more for less IT spend if you pay on billable hours. You can with Deliverables Not Hours.

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    Apply Design Thinking to maximise Salesforce decision-makers' receptivity, rapport and trust.

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    Ian Smith. Your Design Thinker. Bringing to you over 40 years tech industry experience.

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    Design Thinking

    Maximising engagement in digital innovation by applying the 5-step Stanford d.school method.

    Fierce Reduction

    Reducing the costs of your Salesforce Org in challenging times. It's Deliverables Not Hours.

    Value Engineering

    Defending value over price for both buyers and sellers in high-value, high-touch procurements.

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    Design Thinking, applied.

    When Nye Bevan led the foundation of the UK National Health Service (NHS) in 1948, he did so as a...
    The header image for this blog post is the original Apple Mac, and inspired by the unique design...
    The current economic climate reinforces a number of key things facing tech startups. Investor...
    For Salesforce app implementations and integrations, I believe that Design Thinking is the right...
    As the global economic recession kicks in, Salesforce customers will need to achieve more from...
    Value Engineering is key to any high-value product or service - for both buyer and seller. This...
    I believe that Strikingly is the simplest, most effective No-Code Platform for creating...
    Design Thinking in Sales is a method, delivered as a combination of technology and coaching,...
    A go-to-market engagement with tech startup Tangle.io is a recent success for me. The UK National...
    Ethnography is the structured study of people and cultures. Jay Hasbrouck is a strategist and...
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