• Design Thinking, applied.

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  • Why

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    Being Curious

    Design Thinking means, as the name implies, thinking (and acting) like a designer. Being curious, constantly challenging business-as-usual. It is all about solving problems in a people-oriented way.


    This is Design Thinking, applied.


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  • What

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    Being Productive

    We apply three Design Priciples to digital innovation:


    01. Meaningful Journey. Intuitive user experience.

    02. Fierce Reduction. Eliminate everything we can.

    03. Progressive Disclosure. Less per screen.


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  • What

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    Being Effective

    At Being Guided we combine Design Thinking with our three Design Principles. This is applying the right No-Code/Low-Code AI technologies to improve work management and increase sales effectiveness.


    This is right code, right time.


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  • Where

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    Being Boundless

    We see a persistent problem of customers, partners and employees stuck operating in silos. Our focus is on applying a blend of No-Code and Low-Code Platforms to generate boundless digital engagement.  


    This is the Connected Entrprise.


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  • Where

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    Being Pragmatic

    Our work focuses on helping you to identify what matters most. This is where a No-Code First approach to digital innovation can drive measurable differences in a timely manner. It starts with actively listening to you.


    This is No-Code, First.


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  • When

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    Being Simple

    What we often see in organisations is a growing anxiety coupled with increasing complexity in processes. With Design Thinking we enable your stakeholders to reverse this trend in complex thinking. Less is more.


    This is Fierce Reduction.


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  • Who

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    Ian Smith. Your Design Thinker.


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  • How

    Our work, explained.

    At Being Guided we believe that IT has become way too complex. What started off twenty years ago...
    Everyone engaged in selling high-value products or services, or fundraising for nonprofits, will...
    Design Thinking means, as the name implies: thinking (and acting) like a designer. Being curious,...
    After training as a mould and product designer, I moved from the plastics industry to the...
    Tangle is a tech startup that delivers open source software solutions for manufacturing and...
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    Consulting and coaching services available in UK£ or US$.



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  • Statements of Work (SoWs)


    Design Thinking Workshops

    Inspired by Stanford d.school

    The Stanford d.school method provides eight (8) stages—Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, Iterate, Implement and Evaluate . This offers a structured yet flexible framework to better understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, and for us at Being Guided, rapidly create No-Code Platform digital innovations.


    Stage 01. Empathize

    Purpose: Understanding the users and their needs.

    Application in Digital Innovation: In-depth user research, such as interviews, surveys, and observation, provides insights into user behaviours, needs, and motivations. This is crucial to ensure that the solution developed genuinely addresses real problems.


    Stage 02. Define

    Purpose: Clearly articulating the problem to be solved.

    Application in Digital Innovation: After gathering user insights, define the core problem in a user-centered manner. This stage is about synthesising observations and articulating the problem in a way that guides the development of No-Code Platform digital solutions.


    Stage 03. Ideate

    Purpose: Generating a range of creative ideas to solve the defined problem.

    Application in Digital Innovation: This phase involves brainstorming and exploring a wide array of potential solutions, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. It's essential for digital innovation as it embraces creativity and leads to the discovery of unique and effective digital solutions.


    Stage 04. Prototype

    Purpose: Turning ideas into tangible products.

    Application in Digital Innovation: Prototyping involves developing scaled-down versions of the product or its specific features. Prototyping is crucial for visualising how No-Code Platform digital solutions work and for gathering feedback before full-scale Implementation at stage 07.


    Stage 05. Test

    Purpose: Gathering feedback and refining the prototype.

    Application in Digital Innovation: Testing includes formal Test Automation plus user trials and feedback collection on the No-Code Platform Prototype. This helps in understanding the user experience, identifying issues, and validating the effectiveness of digitisation.


    Stage 6. Iterate

    Purpose: Try, This, Try That (T4) - fail fast, be brave!

    Application in Digital Innovation: Iterating takes you back through any other previous stages and ensures that a mindset of continuous improvement is adopted and where moving fast does not mean breaking things, but every stakeholder fully engaged.


    Stage 7. Implement

    Purpose: Finalising the No-Code Platform and launching it.

    Application in Digital Innovation: The final stage involves finalising the design based on testing feedback, completing the development, and launching the digital solution. This phase ensures that the digital innovation is polished, user-tested, and ready for everyday use.


    Stage 8. Evaluate

    Purpose: To let your curiosity and restlessness drive disruptive, positive change.

    Application in Digital Innovation: Design Thinking provides a structured approach to understanding and solving problems in a user-centered way, which is crucial for successful digital innovation with the creation of affordable, effective No-Code Platforms.

    Value Engineering Workshops

    Each Workshop is tailored to your needs, as an optimum blend of the following:


    Value Engineering fundamentals and best practices.

    Techniques for identifying and quantifying customer value.

    Strategies for aligning solutions with customer priorities.

    Training on utilising Claude AI for ROI Model creation.

    Development of customizable ROI Templates.

    Techniques for data input and scenario analysis.

    Methods for presenting Value Propositions effectively.

    Tactics for handling price objections.

    Role-playing exercises for real-world scenarios.

    Comprehensive training materials and workbooks.

    Customising ROI Model Templates.

    Designing Value Proposition Frameworks.

    Sales Coaching

    Our Sales Coaching is focused on your real world Opportunities:


    Introduction to Stanford d.school Design Thinking principles.

    Adaptation of Design Thinking to the sales process.

    Hands-on workshops for practical application.

  • Startups

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    Being Monetised

    At Being Guided we work with startup tech firms to identify, engage and monetise early adopter customers and synchronise this with the right investors.


    Markets we understand well:

    Design Industries

    Discrete Manufacturing

    Healthtech Innovation

    Information Technology

    Nonprofit Ventures


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