Social Care Cloud

The right CRM: Citizen Relationship Management.


Ian H Smith

After ten years of healthtech innovation at Being Guided we are now delivering Social Care Cloud. This enables health and social care professionals to better communicate with citizens as patients, families, friends and volunteers. This is a seamless CRM: Citizen Relationship Management system built on the world-class, secure Salesforce Lightning Platform. Here, the citizen becomes the customer placed at the centre of all health and social care communications.

Social Care Cloud moves beyond existing data and system silos to provide a seamless flow from hospital discharge through timely provision and funding of social care, together with related community and volunteering services. Think of this as: People, Process and Platform.


With citizens viewed as Customers, the Social Care Cloud delivers on the world's leading CRM technology provided by Salesforce. This is putting People first and enabling patients, families and a wider community of non-profit and community organisations to be at the centre of what matters most: the health and well-being of citizens.


Each Citizen Record in the Salesforce-powered Social Care Cloud is shared through citizen consent, and carefully controlling which stakeholders may edit or view different field-level data. This is a flexible, yet secure Framework. This is where our Process - Design Thinking - enables a wider stakeholder participation in the continuous improvement of citizen health and social care outcomes.


Platform is a combination of Salesforce Lightning Platform Objects (Modules) for Professional Users and Salesforce Lightning Experience Cloud for Citizen and Community Users. With UK G-Cloud 13 Pricing, this becomes a highly-affordable combination of Annual Subscription Fees and Fixed-Price, Fixed-Time Professional Services.

The Salesforce Lightning Platform and Lightning Experience Cloud act as a foundation for rapidly-customising the features of Social Care Cloud.

The second screenshot below is a Finance Plan, where local government adviser, private care agency manager, patient and family members can better collaborate around the funding of post-hospital care at home - or in a care home. This eliminates bureaucracy and delays in agreeing who should pay for post-hospital care and how much.

The third screenshot below is a Citizen Plan, where post-hospital care, which may include any combination of care agency or community worker engagement, and where patients can give consent to healthcare professionals, family members, friends or other trusted individuals the ability to collaborate safely in the development and monitoring of care.

Social Care Platform may be integrated with a broad range of Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Social Care Case Management systems to provide appropriate insights into the holistic view of each citizen and their post-hospital care and wellbeing.



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