Social Care Cloud

A proven solution built on Salesforce Lightning Platform. 


Ian H Smith

After ten years of research and experience, I am delivering integrated Health and Social Care to NHS Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and their stakeholder partners. This is local government; private care agencies; volunteering organisations - and most important of all: citizens as patients.

As illustrated in the infographic above, the Social Care Cloud is built on Salesforce Lightning Platform and features as the Integration Platform, to provide two-way updates with a multitude of Electronic Health Record (EHR), Patient Booking and Social Care systems.

I have delivered the combination of Salesforce Lightning Platform and Integration Platform into the UK NHS, including support for HL7/FIHR standards for operability with EHR and other Social Care systems.

The Social Care Cloud sits above existing EHR and Social Care systems to provide a seamless flow between hospital discharge and timely provision and funding of social care - typically at-home via a private care agency. This enables a measurable reduction in Bed-blocking for NHS Trusts.

In building this solution on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, NHS takes advantage of the special pricing for this world-class technology and through our Salesforce Design Principles, my team are able to rapidly customise and maximise the User Experience for all stakeholders.




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