Tangle Low-Code Platform

Digitising paper processes and integrating many systems.


Ian H Smith

Tangle is a tech startup that delivers open source software solutions for manufacturing and healthcare environments. This is industry-standard technology: Vue.js and Node.js JavaScript code frameworks, running on the world-class Google Firebase app development platform.

At Being Guided we work with Tangle in specific areas: to digitise paper and spreadsheet shopfloor processes used in make-to-order engineering and plastics injection moulding industries.

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Tangle Manufacturing

The Tangle Manufacturing solution is designed to enhance the everyday processes and tasks for a make-to-order engineering or injection moulding firm. This means a focus on retaining what works but automating what does not work.

As a low-code platform Tangle Manufacturing can offer significant advantages to a make-to-order engineering or plastics injection moulding job shop. Such a platform can enhance processes, profitability, and customer service in several measurable ways.

Each of these measurable Value Points are captured in our Business Case Calculator, where we work with owners of make-to-order engineering or injection moulding firms to achieve a tangible argument for investing in Tangle Manufacturing. This includes calculating the Return On Investment (ROI) Model and the Cost of Delay or Cost of Doing Nothing.

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Streamlined Process Management. Tangle Manufacturing can automate and optimise workflow processes, reducing manual intervention and errors. It can manage job orders, track progress, and update statuses in real-time, leading to efficient operations and timely delivery.

Enhanced Data Visibility. With real-time data visualisation capabilities, Tangle Manufacturing can provide insights into production processes, inventory levels, and order status. This visibility can help in making informed decisions, predict demand and managing resources efficiently.

Improved Customer Interaction. A customer portal built on Tangle Manufacturing can offer real-time access to order status, inventory levels and delivery timelines. This will measurably improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

Cost Reduction. Automating repetitive tasks and optimising resource allocation can lead to significant cost savings. Tangle Manufacturing can help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, enabling the job shop to address them proactively.

Collaboration and Communication. Tangle Manufacturing can facilitate better communication and collaboration within the manufacturing firm's team and customers. It can serve as a central hub for sharing documents, updates, and feedback.

Customisation and Integration. Being built on open-source technologies Vue.js and Node.js, Tangle Manufacturing can be customised to fit the specific needs of the engineering or plastics injection moulding firm. It can also integrate with existing systems, ensuring a seamless flow of information.

Quality Control and Compliance. Tangle Manufacturing can monitor quality control processes and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. It can maintain detailed records for audits and certifications.

Reduced Time-to-Market. With streamlined processes and improved coordination, the make-to-order engineering or injection moulding firm can reduce the time from order-to-delivery, which is crucial for customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

In summary, Tangle Manufacturing, built on Vue.js and Node.js and hosted on Google Firebase, can transform the operational efficiency, customer service, and strategic agility of a make-to-order engineering or plastics injection moulding job shop.