• Design Thinking, applied.

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    Design Thinking

    Problem-solving, people-based.

    Five steps in a process for dynamic digital innovation: Empathize; Define; Ideate; Prototype; and, Test.

    Platform Thinking

    Ecosystem, not hierarchy.

    Platform Thinking is all about creating ecosystems, achieving more for less: improving or even disrupting business.

    Sales Thinking

    Engaging with early adopters.

    How tech innovators can apply Demand Creation Selling to avoid expensive pitches and risky, buyer-led procurements.

  • Design Thinking

    Being Inquisitive

    A meaningful method for tech innovation.

    Design Thinking is all about solving complex problems in a people-oriented way. It is a pragmatic, hands-on approach to innovation. Design Thinking is being inquisitive: asking questions, challenging conventions.


    At the heart of successful Design Thinking is a culture of curiosity and empathy. This means being interested in solving problems, seeing them from other people's perspectives. Hence, our process starts with Empathise.


    In our work we see Design Thinking driving Platform Thinking and Sales Thinking: becoming the 'Hybrid Thinking' that guides an end-to-end approach to delivering digital innovations and achieving measurable value outcomes.

  • Design Thinking

    Being Structured

    Inspired by the Stanford d.school.

    We fully embrace the Design Thinking developed by the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University (d.school). This is five steps, applied in an iterative loop: Empathize; Define; Ideate; Prototype; and, Test.


    Empathy is key to building the receptivity, rapport and trust required to enable a meaningful outcome for the next step: Define. By creating the right Definition, the subsequent steps of Ideate, Prototype and Test work better.


    The key to Ideation is hands-on, rapid iterative work in the Prototype and Test steps. This means not being afraid to make mistakes - but enabling a 'fail fast' approach with a 'T4' mindset: Try This, Try That.

  • Design Thinking

    Being Engaged

    Uncovering insights for digital innovation.

    Empathy Mapping enables us to generate both explicit and implicit needs, discovered at the earliest stages of tech innovation. This is capturing everything under the headings of: Say; Think; Feel; and, Do.


    What follows are four further steps towards the creation of a Minimum Viable Proposition: something that has been inspired by deeper insights generated from Empathy Mapping sessions with all key stakeholders. 


    Observations from Say and Do, combined with Inferences from Think and Feel enables the creation of Points of View (PoV) Statements, categorised as line items under the three columns of User; Need; and, Insight. 

  • Platform Thinking

    Being Collaborative

    Moving beyond organisational boundaries.

    Solving today's Business problems increasingly requires a much broader set of skills: the introduction of social science, data science and other disciplines. We need to build new ecosystems, beyond the hierarchy.


    Platforms enable firms and individuals to come together in a more coherent, yet flexible way. In the pursuit of solving business problems, Platforms enable rules of engagement to apply structure to talent ecosystems.


    The old model of insourcing versus outsourcing is irrelevant. Platforms created as digital ecosystems in the public cloud are the future for all work. Platform Thinking is the physical execution of Design Thinking


  • Platform Thinking

    Being Agile

    Sharing values across multi-shore teams.

    We fully embrace the values of the Agile Manifesto: "Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable products. Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done--is essential."


    Through our focus on seamless collaboration - from Design Thinking through Platform Thinking to Sales Thinking - our work is all about building powerful ecosystems that deliver measurable business value outcomes.


    In executing an Agile Framework, we apply Scrum as our everyday approach to digital innovation. Scrum is a team-based approach to delivering value: operating seamlessly across a multi-skill, multi-shore ecosystem.

  • Platform Thinking

    Being Lean

    Applying Fierce Reduction to everything.

    In our engagements, we focus hard on simplifying products and services, and wherever possible, make use of prebuilt Platform components that reduce custom development to a minimum. This is Fierce Reduction.


    We have extensive experience and know-how in finding fast ways to build the earliest stage digital products and services for customer validation and feedback. This is Lean Thinking applied to Platform Thinking.


    With apply Fierce Reduction to every stage of digital innovation. We know how to count business value in days and hours, not weeks and months. Platform Thinking also means achieving a more for less outcome.

  • Sales Thinking

    Being Proactive

    Paying customers validate new ventures.

    Regardless of whether you are an established enterprise, spinout or a startup, ultimately, your new ideas, products and services only have true value when they are validated by a paying (external or internal) customer.


    Connecting with your would-be early adopter customer is challenging. If you are seeking funding from external investors or internal budget-holders, having one or more early adopter customers committed is key.


    With a new Value Proposition in mind, you cannot wait for the Request For Proposal (RFP) to arrive from your external or internal prospective customer. You need to be proactive: it's called Demand Creation Selling.

  • Sales Thinking

    Being Inquisitive

    Sales Thinking is Design Thinking, applied.

    The Demand Creation Selling method is built on three steps in a buyer-seller engagement: PiercePoint; ProofPoint; and, DecisionPoint. This needs a focus on creating receptivity, rapport and trust between buyer and seller.


    The PiercePoint is a message created by the seller that generates sufficient interest in the buyer. This is a non-trivial process, requiring rapid, iterative experimentation across all online communications channels.


    A ProofPoint is the validation of claims made in the PiercePoint. This is achieved through a Mutual Value Discovery engagement between buyer and seller, where trust leads to taking the best route to the DecisionPoint.

  • Sales Thinking

    Being Conversational

    Enabling Mutual Value Discovery, not combat.

    Underpinned by Design Thinking and Platform Thinking, buyers and sellers can only enable high-value, low-risk digital innovations, if the buyer is providing continuous validation at each step in the process.


    Instead of a combat through aggressive procurements, Mutual Value Discovery enables buyer and seller to engage in a more innovative, open approach to understanding a problem and, in turn, creating the solution.


    Mutual Value Discovery is where Design ThinkingPlatform Thinking and Sales Thinking converge to become 'Hybrid Thinking'. This guides us in creating and monetising new digital innovations and ventures. 

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    Right team, right time.


    Design Thinking drives digital innovation.


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    I hold a Master's degree in Design Thinking. This inspires my work: enabling tech innovation: onshore and nearshore to UK.


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